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Material description and basic performance index of V-type and W-type high efficiency air filter

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V-type high efficiency air filter is also known as W-type high efficiency filter, box type high efficiency filter, W-type V-type combined high efficiency filter. V-type W-type high efficiency air filter is designed without diaphragm to form a "V" or "W" shaped structure. It is made of low resistance ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, with compact and reasonable structure and large effective filtering area, and can operate at high wind speed, V-type W-type high efficiency air filter is applicable to the end of air supply and air conditioning equipment, the negative pressure end of exhaust purification system and ventilation duct.

Material description of W-type high efficiency air filter:

1. Filter material: h13-h14 glass fiber filter paper;

2. Filtration efficiency: h13-h14, H13: 99.97-99.99% @ 0.3 μ m、H14:99.995-99.999%@0.3 μ m(MPPS);

3. Frame material: aluminum folding frame, galvanized frame, stainless steel frame and plastic frame;

4. Sealant strip: Neoprene

5. General interval number: generally, there are two four sides, three six sides, four eight sides and five ten sides;

6. Filter size: General width (W): 287mm, 490mm, 595mm, 610mm; General height (H): 305mm, 595mm, 610mm; General depth (d): 295mm;

7. Final resistance: (recommended) ≤ 600Pa

8. Maximum air volume: 125% of rated air volume

9. Temperature resistance: ≤ 80 ℃

10. Humidity: ≤ 100% RH

W-type high efficiency filter features:

A) Large air volume

B) Low resistance

C) Frame or box with mounting flange

D) Each set has been scanned for leakage

E) Extended filter area

W-type V-type combined high efficiency filter is suitable for high cleanliness occasions such as aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, chip, biopharmaceutical, hospital and food processing.

Remarks: V-type and W-type high efficiency air filter can be customized according to customer requirements. You can also learn more about relevant air filter products: primary air filter, medium efficiency air filter and high efficiency air filter

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