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Performance characteristics and transformation methods of coal mine dust collector

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 2

The reason for the transformation of coal mine dust remover, the internal structure and technology of coal mine dust remover have failed to meet the emission standards of environmental protection in some places. In order to cooperate with the policy, some manufacturers are facing the problem of electrostatic precipitator transformation. The transformation of coal mine dust remover into bag dust remover can reduce the dust emission concentration. 1. Retain the outlet flue and outlet smoke box of the original dust remover, and the upper opening of the outlet smoke box bell mouth. Connect a section of outlet flue from the gas purification chamber to the opening of the original outlet bell mouth, so as to meet the design requirements, and make the best use of the shell and flue of the original dust remover, save costs, and make full use of the original dust remover insulation system. Add insulation design for the body and equipment, and be responsible for the implementation and installation. Restore and renew the damaged and removed parts of the dust collector insulation. 2、 Remove the cathode frame and anode plate row, anode plate and cathode line, inner cover and outer cover and other related equipment of the original dust collector electric field. The interior of the dust collector is hollow and cleaned. 3、 Add an outlet end wall at the outlet of the original dust collector, retain the flue of the original dust collector, redesign and install the air distributor and guide baffle. Because the flue needs to be installed with a baffle door, it needs to be disconnected at the designed installation position, and seal and weld after installing the baffle door and compensator. 4. The top cover of the coal mine dust remover reconstruction is redesigned and processed. The top cover is equipped with an air purification chamber, some components of the bag cleaning system, such as pulse valve, and a flue gas bypass. 5. Add bypass flue and bypass valve. When the bypass valve of the bypass flue is opened, the flue gas does not contact the dust removal filter bag. It is used to protect the cloth bag when the boiler starts and stops feeding oil for combustion support and the boiler exhaust gas temperature is over temperature. At the same time, it can realize the off-line inspection of the dust remover, automatically open the bypass valve and close the flue gas valve through PCL control, and the flue gas directly enters the exhaust flue through the bypass flue to protect the filter bag. 6. Newly added ladder platform and lighting, and an additional 30m ³ At the same time, add compressed air storage tank, adsorption dryer and compressed air transmission pipeline. Turning harm into benefit can also produce by-products beneficial to human beings. Single machine dust collector coal mine dust collector equipment turns acid rain that damages land and crops into fertilizer for farmers to grow land. The ammonia desulfurization process is similar to the common limestone process, but the generated by-products are different.

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