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Performance, installation and cleaning precautions of pre water filter housing

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 2

Corrosion, sediment and other impurities in the pipeline will not only lead to water pollution and failure of water equipment control components, but also precipitate and breed bacteria on the pipeline. On the other hand, electrochemical substances will be formed, resulting in corrosion of metal pipelines. Generally, the roof water tank is cleaned once every six months, but the water pipe cannot be cleaned. Our daily water is discharged directly from the water pipe, which brings great harm. Therefore, it is necessary to install a pre water filter housing. Pre water filter housing, referred to as "pre filter" for short, is a reliable impurity filtering device, which is generally installed at the front end of the water inlet pipeline. It is a coarse filtering equipment for system water supply. It is mainly used to filter sediment, rust, red insects and large particle impurities in tap water, prevent a large number of precipitated impurities generated in the water supply pipe network from affecting the water quality, restore the water quality to the tap water standard before leaving the factory, and prolong the service life of subsequent equipment in the waterway.

Performance of pre water filter housing: the pre water filter housing is usually a "t" structure. The upper "horizontal" position and the left and right ends are the water inlet and outlet respectively, the lower "vertical" position is the fuselage and the inner cylindrical filter screen, and the lower end is the sewage outlet, which is opened and closed by the valve. The front filter screen is made of stainless steel and synthetic PE, which is hygienic and non-toxic, does not breed bacteria and will not cause secondary pollution. The accuracy of the filter screen is between 5-300 microns, and most household filters are 100 microns. The pre filter forms a microelectrode filter unit through a filter screen. During filtration, the water passes through the filter screen from the outside, the impurity particles are intercepted in the filter screen, and the filtered water flows out of the filter. The pre filter is small in size, does not need electricity, does not need a special floor drain, and the investment cost is not high. It not only improves the water quality, but also prolongs the service life of other water devices. It is an indispensable first-class water purification equipment for modern families. The pre filter can be used for life after being installed once, and no consumables are required after installation. The filtered pollutants are usually adsorbed on the metal filter screen. As long as the backwashing function of the pre filter is turned on regularly, the metal filter screen can be backwashed automatically to remove pollutants, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance without spending consumables in the future.

Installation of pre water filter housing: the domestic pre water filter housing is installed at the inlet of the main pipe. The pre filter housing is equipped with a flexible joint, which can easily realize the separation or combination of the joint and the water pipe. It is generally installed in the cabinet and installed together with the water pipe during decoration. In order not to affect the use of the rear waterway, a bypass waterway can be installed in the front. Some pre filters have universal joints, so that the filter can be installed on horizontal and vertical manifolds, and the separation or combination between the host and the joint can be realized within 10 seconds.

Cleaning of pre water filter housing: the pre water filter housing is easy to filter impurities in the water, but it is very laborious to clean. Backwashing technology makes it easy to clean the pre filter screen. Forward filtration is to separate the impurity particles in the water inside the filter screen, and reverse washing is to discharge the impurities inside the filter screen out of the filter. The pre filter is generally cleaned once every two months. For manual backwashing, a small basin can be placed under the sewage pipe. Rotate the top knob counterclockwise to the bottom, change the water flow direction, automatically backwash, clean the filter screen and discharge the sewage. The water flow strongly washes away the impurities intercepted from various angles on the filter screen from inside to outside. The sewage can be discharged for 10-15 seconds. The pre filter should be removed and thoroughly cleaned every year.

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