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Prevention of filter cloth tearing

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 6

Before selecting the filter cloth, the following preparations should be made:

1. The filtration requirement is to recover the solid and discard the liquid, and also recover the liquid and discard the solid, or both or both; Liquid content of filter cake; Clarity of filtrate; Whether the wastes need to be disposed.

2. Characteristics of solid particles in the slurry: particle size, particle size dispersion range, compressibility of solid particles, particle shape and true density of solid.

3. Intrinsic viscosity, density, acid reducibility, oxidation-reduction, solubility to organic matter and temperature of the liquid in the slurry.

4. Intrinsic viscosity, density, concentration (ratio of solid and liquid) and particle dispersion of slurry.

5. Type of filter: confirm the type of filter according to the production capacity, investment, use area and other specific conditions.

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