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Selection and Differentiation of Limestone Dust Removal Bags

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 3

The dust collection bag is an important part of the dust remover. The selection of the dust collection bag depends on the composition, temperature and other characteristics of the dust under working conditions.

For example, in some purchase orders, the limestone dust collection filter bag is noted. Some suppliers only think that the limestone belongs to the ordinary dust temperature. When selecting, they will neglect that some manufacturers do not have a comprehensive understanding of the filter bag, which leads to incomplete parameter provision. Therefore, they should not choose the wrong bag material.

Like the limestone dust collection filter bag, you need to consider that it is only used by ordinary limestone crushing manufacturers, and also used in lime kilns. The flue gas and dust temperatures at different locations of lime kilns are also different. For example, the temperatures of kiln head and kiln tail are different, and the final selected bags with different temperature resistance are also different.

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