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Several key points of dust filter bag selection

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

In the bag filter, dust adheres to the surface of the filter bag. When the dust gas passes through the dust collector, the dust will be obstructed on the surface of the filter bag, and the clean gas will enter the filter bag through the filter material. The cage in the filter bag is used to support the filter bag, avoid the collapse of the filter bag, and help clean and redistribute the filter cake. The fabric and design of the dust removal bag shall aim at high efficiency filtration, easy dust removal and durability. The selection of dust removal bag is quite important, which directly affects the dust removal effect. The selection of dust bags is mainly based on the gas temperature, humidity, chemical properties of tides, particle size, dust concentration, wind speed, dust removal mode, etc. In the process of dust removal, it is generally thought that when dust is blown to the middle of the dust bag, the middle of the dust bag will shrink to shrink, so as to achieve the effect of removing dust. In fact, in the process of blowing and observation in the oscillogram laboratory, the pulsed air quality rushed to the dust bag, making the dust bag vibrate rapidly from top to bottom, and the dust bag in the dust layer vibrated and blew under pressure. When it is too high, the amplitude is too high, resulting in dust flying and two kinds of adsorption. It is better to form blocky fragments with an appropriate injection pressure. Lcmd large-scale low-pressure long bag pulse dust collector is a dry-type high-efficiency dust collector. It is a dust removal installation that uses bag filter elements made of fiber woven fabric to collect solid particles in dusty gas. Its principle of action is that dust particles are intercepted due to inertial force and collision with fibers when they bypass the fibers of filter cloth The fine dust particles are impacted by gas molecules to change the direction of movement from time to time. Because the gap between the fibers is smaller than the free path of Brownian motion of gas molecules, the dust particles collide with the fibers and are separated; The working process is related to the weaving method of the filter material, the density of the fiber, the diffusion of dust, inertia, shielding, gravity and electrostatic action and the ash removal method; The filter cloth material is the key of the bag filter. The filter cloth with good performance should have good corrosion resistance, heat resistance and high mechanical strength in addition to specific density and permeability.

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