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Solution to the problem of filter cloth folding of filter press

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

Filter cloth types of filter press: according to the weaving method, there are single filament filter cloth (including single and multi filament filter cloth), multi filament filter cloth, double-layer filter cloth, non-woven filter cloth and industrial filter belt. Because the filter press itself is of the same standard, the different filtration accuracy and speed required for different filtration targets are completed by using different filter press filter cloth, also known as filter press filter bag. Each filter press filter plate is wrapped with filter cloth, which meets the acid-base resistance requirements for different filtration targets.

In the filtration operation of filter press, the filter cloth of filter press, as an important accessory of filter press, has a great impact on the normal operation of filtration. If the filter cloth is damaged, folded, wrinkled and other problems during operation, it will affect the filtering power of the equipment and need to be handled in time. Xiaobian reminds the majority of users to pay attention to this problem.

The wrinkle of the filter cloth is generally caused by incorrect alignment, and the improper tension may also lead to the wrinkle of the filter cloth. Although the filter is equipped with a weighted rotating wheel to tension the filter cloth of the filter press, this wheel also needs other weights. The sliding block of the rotating roller is provided with a notch for weighting.

Sometimes, the accumulation of solids on the filter cloth rotating roller or sliding scheduling block will lead to the dislocation and wrinkling of the filter cloth. When this happens, the filter should be interrupted first, and the rotating roller and sliding block should be thoroughly cleaned. Start the driver and adjust the filter cloth from the beginning for centering and tensioning. Then carefully observe the accumulation of solids during the normal operation of the filter. If necessary, increase the amount of washing water to wash away the remaining solids.

In addition, Xiaobian reminds us that in the process of dealing with the problem of filter cloth, we should adhere to the middle of the filter cloth without wrinkling. Only in this way can we smoothly complete the solid-liquid separate operation and give full play to the due equipment treatment effect.

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