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Specification for filter bag frame

Time : 2023-06-26 Hits : 3

Subject content and scope of application

This standard specifies the terms, types, technical requirements, inspection rules, marks, packaging, storage and transportation conditions of the filter bag frame for filter bags.

This standard can be applied to the design, manufacture, inspection and use of bag filter frame for dust removal.

2 Terminology

Bag box frame: used to support the filter bag, fix and maintain a certain shape in the state of filtration and cleaning.

Type 3 filter bag frame

3.1 According to the shape of the filter bag, it can be divided into round bag frame and flat bag frame.

3.1.1 The round cloth bag frame is the frame used for cylindrical filter bags.

3.1.2 Flat bag frame is used for flat (envelope), wedge-shaped, wedge-shaped, non-circular or other filter bag frames of enterprises.

3.2 The loading frame and side loading frame are classified according to the loading and unloading methods.

3.2.1 The overhead frame is used for loading and unloading from the top of the dust bag.

3.2.2 Side-mounted frame refers to the frame for general loading and unloading of filter bags.

3.3 According to the structural characteristics of the frame itself, the frame is divided into cage frame, spring frame and segmented frame.

3.3.1 The grid is composed of support ring and longitudinal reinforcement.

3.3.2 The spring frame is a spring-like frame wound by steel wire.

3.3.3 Segmental frame is a frame composed of two or more frames.

4 Technical requirements

4.1 The requirements of the cage for the support ring and longitudinal reinforcement are evenly distributed, and should have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the gas environmental pressure of the filter bag under the working conditions of information 'filtration and ash removal, and can effectively prevent the damage and deformation caused by collision and collision during the normal development of transportation and installation construction.

4.2 The spring frame shall have enough coils and elasticity, and shall be evenly spaced after opening. All welded joints of the filter bag frame shall be welded firmly and shall not be welded, forged or missing.

4.3 The surface of the filter bag frame in contact with the filter bag must be smooth and free of welding marks, carpets and burrs.

4.4 The surface of the bag rack must be corrosion resistant. It can be plated, sprayed or painted according to different needs. If used at high temperature, the anti-corrosion treatment shall meet the requirements of the service temperature.

The deviation of the diameter, perimeter, length and perpendicularity of the filter bag frame shall comply with Table L-4.

Check the filter bag frame of the enterprise one by one. The external equipment anti-corrosion coating of the filter bag frame is required to be complete, without peeling, scratches, burrs, firmness, and longitudinal bending, desoldering, faulty soldering and missing soldering.

5.1.2 Randomly take 15% of samples from each batch of filter bag frame for the following tests. The filter bag made of needle felt is closely related to the frame of the inspected filter bag. The filter bag is 300 mm long and has no bottom. It can be inserted into the filter bag frame and then pulled out without damage to the needle felt. The diameter, length and perimeter of the filter bag frame shall be measured with vernier caliper or steel ruler, and the deviation shall comply with Table 1 to Table 3. Place one end of the dust removal frame nozzle on the horizontal plate, and measure its perpendicularity with a hammer. The deviation must comply with the provisions of Table 4.

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