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Structure and manufacturing method of high humidity resistant high efficiency filter

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Structure steps of high humidity resistant HEPA filter!

1. The high humidity resistant filter is composed of a fixed shell, a holding shell, a positioning groove, a filtering mechanism and an air vent. Its fixing shell is used for high humidity resistance and connection. The fixed housing of the filter comprises a fixed housing, a support plate, a moisture proof housing, a clamping groove, a positioning plate and a drain pipe.

2. The outer end face of the fixed housing of the high humidity resistant air filter is fixed and sleeved with a support plate for support, and the inner end face of the fixed housing is fixedly connected with a moisture proof housing for storage (namely, the housing for holding), and the center of the inner end face of the moisture proof housing is provided with a clamping groove for clamping, and the outer end face of the housing for holding is evenly and equidistant with a vent hole for air intake, The inner end face is provided with a positioning groove for positioning.

3. Among them, the bottom of the clamping groove is fixed with a positioning plate, and the bottom end is designed with a drain pipe to quickly drain the accumulated water in the clamping groove, which can effectively improve the external moisture resistance of the filter, thus improving the service life of the filter in a humid environment. At the same time, the filter mechanism and positioning groove can facilitate the user to quickly assemble the filter screen and filter plate, thus facilitating the rapid disassembly and assembly of the filter, and improving the convenience of assembly.

4. The filter mechanism is provided with two groups. The filter mechanism includes a support plate, an exhaust hole, a filter screen and a filter plate. The center of the inner end surface of the support plate is uniformly and equidistant fixedly connected with a filter screen for filtering, and the bottom is symmetrically and fixedly connected with a filter plate for supporting and filtering. However, the outer end surface of the filter plate is evenly and equidistant provided with an exhaust hole for air inlet. The combination of the filter plate and the filter screen can filter various particles in the air, Improve the filtering effect.

How to make the filter material of high humidity resistant high efficiency filter!

The manufacturing method and steps of glass fiber air filter paper are as follows:;

1. Making glass fiber raw materials into pulp;

2. Making the pulp into paper sheets;

3. Apply adhesive to dry the first stage;

4. Apply the moisture resistant agent and conduct the second stage of drying.

OK! Done.

This method adopts a two-step addition method. The adhesive is added first, and then the moisture resistant agent is added. The advantage of this method is to ensure the maximum effect of the adhesive and moisture resistant agent. The filter paper made by this method has uniform texture, filtration efficiency meets the requirements of high efficiency standards, low resistance, long service life, and high environmental adaptability. In addition, there is also a high humidity resistant glass fiber air filter paper, which consists of 65 ‑ 88wt% alkali free glass microfiber cotton, 8 ‑ 22wt% alkali free glass fiber chopped strand, 3 ‑ 15wt% binder, 1 ‑ 5wt% moisture resistant agent, and the mass ratio of alkali free glass microfiber cotton to alkali free glass fiber chopped strand is (4 ‑ 8): 1.

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