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Tea beverage filtration solution

Time : 2023-06-25 Hits : 4

Currently, tea drinks are mainly made of clear juice, and filtration, clarification, and purification are one of the key processes in the processing of tea drinks. So the editor of the filter bag manufacturer will talk about the tea beverage filtration solution.

Tea drinks are made from instant tea powder as the main raw material, plus purified water and other food additives. The turbidity of tea soup in the production of instant tea powder is one of the current technical difficulties in the production of tea drinks. The causes of turbidity are mostly related to the complex flocculation of macromolecular soluble proteins, pectin, and tea polyphenols, caffeine, and other substances in tea soup. Traditional separation and extraction methods mainly use mechanical filtration, high-speed centrifugation, and chemical processing, which have poor clarification effects and poor product quality. Ultrafiltration technology can remove macromolecular protein pectin from tea soup, retain effective components such as tea polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids, catechins, and ensure the flavor and stability of tea drinks; At the same time, the clarified tea juice is concentrated using reverse osmosis membrane instead of traditional evaporation concentration process.

Technological Characteristics of Tea Beverage Production

1.0.1um high-precision filtration, high clarity and stability of the filtrate, solving the "muddy after cold" phenomenon;

2. Less loss of effective components such as tea polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids, and high product purity

3. High strength homogeneous membrane, capable of frequent backwashing under high pressure, acid and alkali resistance, oxidant resistance, easy cleaning and regeneration, and long service life;

4. The filtration process is simple, easy to operate, and the process parameters are easy to control;

5. The process is simplified, the process is short, and the production cycle is greatly shortened;

6. PLC fully automatic control, coupled with online monitoring instruments, ensures reliable operation and stable filtration quality;

7. Normal temperature reverse osmosis concentration, low energy consumption, and good aroma retention. "The extraction temperature, mixing method, and pouring method of tea drinks require multiple experiments and demonstrations to obtain the purpose of determining the taste/flavor/extraction efficiency, and characteristics of the tea soup. After being cooled to a standstill, the tea is then cleaned. The parameter settings of the cleaning machine are important, directly related to whether there is precipitation in the product during the shelf life. The sugar content system is also important, directly related to the turbidity and precipitation status of the product.", The temperature of the mixing solution during mixing and the selection of the filter screen are both important. After mixing and passing the inspection, sterilization can be carried out. The selection of sterilization temperature can be based on neutrality and acidity. What is important then? The control of reflux and reflux directly affects the flavor/color/nutrition of the product. Therefore, the reflux and reflux temperature must be strictly controlled

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