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Technical advantages of pleated filter bag

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 3

Basic introduction of pleated filter bag:

Pleated dust filter bag, also known as star dust filter bag, is a new type of dust filter bag that can be applied to pulse bag type dust remover. The dust removal skeleton used with the wrinkle dust filter bag needs special design, while other supporting components are universal.

Advantages of pleated filter bag:

1. It can directly replace the existing dedusting filter bag of the bag type dust remover, without the need to modify the main structure of the dedusting equipment, and the filtering area can be increased by 50-150% after replacement;

2. It can significantly reduce the system pressure difference, thereby improving the overall performance of the system and the life of the dust removal filter bag itself;

3. The frequency of ash removal can be greatly reduced or the interval of ash removal can be extended;

4. Compared with the traditional dedusting filter bag, the pulse dedusting efficiency is significantly improved due to the special structure of the folded filter bag;

5. The effective use area of the dust removal filter bag is increased, and the air flow rising speed between the dust removal filter bags is reduced, which greatly optimizes the online ash removal effect;

6. The special design of the filter bag and dust removal framework of the folded filter bag greatly reduces the fatigue damage and intermittent emission caused by pulse blowing;

7. The dedusting framework has no transverse support ring, and the effective contact area is large, completely avoiding direct impact on the dedusting filter bag;

8. As required, the length of the pleated filter bag can be shortened while increasing the filtering area, and the system operation can be optimized;

9. Greatly reduce the consumption of compressed air and the load of air compressor and pulse valve;

10. The fan load is greatly reduced, and the system energy consumption is significantly reduced;

11. The system maintenance cost is significantly reduced, including energy consumption, auxiliary equipment, parts and labor;

12. Any existing dedusting filter bag material suitable for the system requirements can be used;

13. The traditional dedusting filter bag can still be used as the emergency spare part of the pleated filter bag, but the corresponding dedusting framework shall be used;

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