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Technical difference between PTFE needle felt, PTFE needle felt filter bag and pure ptfe filter bag

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 2

Sffiltech PTFE needle felt, PTFE needle felt filter bag and PTFE filter bag are widely used in urban waste incineration dust collection, chemical dust removal and other harsh working conditions. It can resist acid, alkali and any corrosive gas, with high filtration, and is an ideal garbage incineration dedusting bag.

technical parameter

Product name TF/TF1750-W

Fiber PTFE

Base cloth PTFE

Square gram weight 750g/m2

Thickness 1.1mm

Density 0.68g/cm3

Air permeability 90L/㎡· s

Breaking strength - longitudinal ≥ 450N/5cm

Breaking strength - transverse ≥ 450N/5cm

Elongation @ 200N/5cm - longitudinal < 5%

Elongation @ 200N/5cm - transverse < 5%

Heat shrinkable @ 150degC, 90min 2%

Bursting strength > 300N/cm2

Continuous working temperature 260 ℃

Purpose Dust removal

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