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Temperature classification of dust removal filter bag

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The selection of dust removal filter bag shall be based on the temperature, humidity and chemical characteristics of the gas; The size, weight, shape, abradability, dust concentration, filtration speed, dust removal method, emission concentration and working system of bag filter of the particles are comprehensively considered. In general, needle felt dust removal filter bag is selected for pulse jet bag filter, and woven cloth is selected for chamber reverse blow bag filter or mechanical rapping bag filter.

Application of dust bag in various industries

1. The dust removal bag is generally divided into rapping dust removal bag, pulse dust removal filter bag, and blowback dust removal bag according to the different dust removal methods. According to the different shapes, there are also round bag type, flat bag type, and envelope type. The dust removal bag also has different bag opening and bottom design methods to choose from. At the same time, the small dust removal bag is applicable to cutting operation, drilling operation, grinding operation, packaging operation, powder input operation, sanding operation, cutting operation, mixing operation Crushing operation and other environments

2. The dust bag is a dry dust filtering device. It is suitable for collecting fine, dry and non-fibrous dust. The filter bag is made of textile filter cloth and non-textile felt. It uses the filtering effect of fiber fabric to filter the dust containing gas. It is suitable for the dust removal treatment in metallurgy, ceramics, chemical industry, grain processing, machinery manufacturing, mining and other industries. The good dust removal effect of the dust collector can reach 99.9% Fluidized bed boiler and other flue gas filtration, asphalt concrete mixing, building materials, cement ceramics, lime, gypsum and other production sites, aluminum electrolysis, zinc, copper, lead, tin and other rare metal smelting flue gas filtration, fine material recovery, liquid and solid separation, liquid-solid separation and fine material recovery in the fields of dyes, chemicals, coke, carbon black, pharmaceuticals, plastics, mining, electronics, wood processing, grain processing Dust control and purification collection of flour

The dust removal bag is widely used for the dust removal of the ball mill cast iron machine in the cement plant. In the high temperature flue gas filtration of various industrial furnaces and kilns such as chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, carbon black, power generation, cement, etc., the dust removal bag is applicable to the pulse dust removal and the relatively high speed reverse blowing dust removal, and has the characteristics of high strength, low elongation, strong acid resistance, weak alkali resistance, etc.

There are many kinds of dust removal cloth bags (dust removal filter bags), including glass fiber woven filter bags, glass fiber pricked filter felt (filter bag/cloth bag), Flumex (FMS) high-temperature resistant needle filter material cloth bag, high-temperature resistant METAS dust removal cloth bag, 208 cloth bag, 729 cloth bag, polypropylene fiber pricked filter felt (filter bag/cloth bag), water and oil repellent cloth bag, polyester anti-static needle filter felt (filter bag/cloth bag), high-temperature resistant dust removal cloth bag, normal temperature dust removal cloth bag You can choose from a variety of dust removal filter bags, such as glass fiber high-temperature resistant needle felt, polyester easy-cleaning needle felt, P84 filter cloth bag, PPS needle felt, acrylic heat-resistant, medium-temperature needle felt, normal-temperature film-covered needle felt, etc. Key accessories of bag-type dust remover: the dust removal bag must be properly matched with relevant parts, such as the external filter type synthetic fiber filter bag should be loose, the external filter type glass fiber filter bag should be closely matched with the small-spaced vertical rib frame, the internal filter bag should consider and set the tension of the filter bag, the structure of the dust removal filter bag should meet the requirements of the matching bag-type dust remover for filtration and dust removal, and the installation is convenient and the sealing is reliable, Pursue the corresponding filtering area and good filtering condition, easy to clean and avoid abrasion as much as possible.

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