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The backwash filter housing is used to treat the cooling circulating water of the circulating system

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 4

Backwash filter housing is a rising star of environmental protection enterprises in recent years. It is highly praised by different industries, including steel mills, textile mills and food processing plants. As the most commonly used sewage treatment and filtration device, it has high working efficiency and saves time at the same time. This kind of machinery and equipment is very important in industrial wastewater treatment. This does not mean that the self-cleaning filter can also be of great use in the treatment of cooling circulating water in the circulating system.

Generally, the residues in the cooling circulating water of the circulating system include dust in the atmosphere, total dissolved solids, etc; The axial flow fan leaks oil, and the corrosion and falling objects of tower, filler, reservoir and other raw materials can enter the cold water; Precipitation after adding drugs in the cooling circulating water treatment mode; In the management system, microbial species reproduction and viscous dust composed of metabolites. The self-cleaning filter can filter the residue during safe operation, so as to improve the reliability of the cooling water management system of the circulating system.

The application of backwash filter to circulating water equipment can reduce the adhesion of deposits, reduce the pollution blockage of erosion and slime on the heat transfer pipeline, and ensure that the heat exchanger of the cooling circulating water management system is always in an excellent safe working environment, which will greatly reduce the paralysis of the overall management system caused by the residue problem in the cooling circulating water of the circulating system. Ensure the normal operation of the management system.

The treatment of the cooling circulating water of the circulating system can reduce the discharge of wastewater from opening to the outside world, reduce water pollution, and even complete the recycling of sewage treatment water and the standard discharge of the management system, so as to reduce air pollution.

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