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The filter cloth needs to correctly select the dust bag suitable for the corresponding dust-proof temperature

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 2

Let's first look at the measurement process of the filter cloth: 1. let the belt filter press operate normally and adjust the motor speed to low speed. 2. prepare materials and tools for measuring filter cloth, soft weaving rope and tape. 3. when the metal joint appears on the filter belt of the filter press, connect the weaving rope to the metal joint of the filter cloth for a long enough time. Let the weaving rope rotate with the operation of the filter cloth. 4. when the weaving rope and the filter belt rotate together for one cycle, that is, when the metal joint appears, the weaving rope is marked. This is to measure the length of the weaving rope around the filter cloth, that is, the length of the filter cloth. 5. measure the length of another filter belt in the same way. In the process of using the filter cloth, the wind speed of the filter is very high, which will directly lead to the main cause of bag damage. In the process of dust removal, some units blindly save equipment costs and increase profits. The planned wind speed increases during the planning process. Inferior filter cloth does not respond to the use of users in a relatively short time, but it will shorten the service life of the filter bag, and then give customers no money, but the economic burden is relatively large. waste time. The dust-proof filter cloth needs to correctly select the dust-proof bag with appropriate dust-proof temperature. If the temperature is too high during operation, the medium will cause the selected filter bag to exceed the normal operating temperature, and then shorten the service life of the product. In severe cases, burns may occur. Therefore, in the process of selecting filter cloth, it is necessary to measure and calculate the inlet temperature of the dust collector. Please select a suitable dust bag when using. The processing of bags is very important. In recent years, some small manufacturers use their sewing machines for processing and application, and the quality of raw materials is relatively poor.

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