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The filter cloth of the filter press will also deviate, which is caused by these reasons

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If the filter cloth of the filter press only slides towards one side of the filter, check as follows: 1. Check that the air supply is turned on. Refer to "air requirements" above. Check the air filter and clean it if necessary. 2. Check the limit switch contact rod. The contact rod should touch the filter cloth slightly. When the filter cloth is centered, its normal position forms an angle of 0 ° with the vertical line. If the contact angle is greater than or less than 16 degrees and the filter cloth continues to slide to one side, the following measures shall be taken: 1) Stop the filter 2) Push or pull the limit switch contact rod by hand according to the offset direction of the filter cloth. The deviation correction roll shall start or continue to move. If not, it indicates that the position of the contact rod needs to be adjusted. 3) If the air cylinder has been fully inflated and the deviation correction roller still cannot correct the deviation, it means that the angle of the centering wheel can be further adjusted at the bearing on the drive side. At the same time, move the drive side rotating roller bearing in the slot hole of the driving side rotating roller according to the direction of the filter cloth travel, so that the filter cloth is in the middle of the filter. Fix the drive roll, wait for at least 15 minutes, and check whether the filter cloth returns to the middle. Remember, when the filter cloth is in the centering position, the cylinder on each side does not act, and the contact rod of the limit switch forms an angle of 0 ° with the vertical line of the filter cloth, which should just touch the filter cloth. 4) If the limit switch contact rod moves, the air cylinder is not fully expanded, and the rotating roll does not move, check whether the air pipe is loose or whether the air source is sufficient. If these are not the problem and the airbag does not respond to the movement of the contact rod, the problem may lie in the airbag or the limit control device. Other reasons for dislocation and wrinkle of filter cloth of vacuum belt filter The wrinkling of filter cloth is often caused by incorrect alignment of filter cloth, but some dislocations can not be corrected only by rotating the roller. Details are as follows: 1. Insufficient tension may lead to wrinkling. Although the filter is equipped with a weighted rotating wheel to tension the filter cloth, the wheel also needs to be weighted additionally. The sliding block of the rotating roller is provided with a notch for weighting. 2. Improper joint of filter cloth of filter press at the joint will also lead to wrinkling. 3. Sometimes, solid matters deposited on the filter cloth roller or sliding adjusting block will cause dislocation and wrinkling of the filter cloth. When this happens, stop the filter and thoroughly clean the rotating roller and sliding adjusting block. Start the driver and readjust the filter cloth for alignment and tension. Then carefully observe the accumulation of solids during the normal operation of the filter. If necessary, increase the washing water volume to wash away the residual solids. 4. Misalignment and wrinkling may also be caused by misalignment of the take-up pulley or other rotating rollers. This dislocation is shown as the diagonal deflection of the filter cloth zipper, as shown in the figure. Due to the uneven distance between the outer edges of the travel of each side of the filter cloth, one side of the filter cloth is better than the other side in the travel direction around the filter, so the travel distance of the superior side is shorter. This phenomenon is corrected by reducing the tension of the trailing side of the filter cloth and shortening the travel distance of the trailing side of the filter cloth by adding a balance block to the sliding adjusting block of the tensioning wheel. This problem may also be caused by the dislocation of filter cloth support rollers. Check whether all filter cloth support rollers are aligned with the frame. 5. During any such adjustment, the filter cloth shall remain centered on the filter and free from wrinkles for at least half an hour. Because many filter cloth are easy to shrink after being wet, it will cause the filter cloth to be either narrow or much larger than the use size. For this reason, it is recommended that there should be a period of stabilization of the filter cloth before any major adjustments are made to the alignment.

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