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V-type paint filter paper - paint mist filter material for dry paint spraying room

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

So far, there are several kinds of paint mist filter materials in dry paint spraying room: glass fiber paint mist felt, V-shaped paint filter paper, labyrinth paint mist filter carton and DPA paint mist filter cotton.

Here we mainly talk about V-shaped paint filter paper

Filtering principle of paint filter paper.

As shown in the figure, the paint filter paper is an organ type double-layer filter paper. Each filter unit is a V-shaped pocket, and each filter unit has holes for air supply. When the paint mist particles pass through the pockets of the V-shaped filter paper, the paint mist particles are blocked by airflow and gravity precipitation, and the air is discharged through the holes, This forms a very good filtering effect.

V-type paint filter paper is suitable for filtering solid or liquid particles in the air flow, such as paint; Polyester adhesive; Asphalt (asphalt); plastic cement; Asphalt coating; Teflon; Epoxy resin; Porcelain; Dyes; Precision ceramics; Air dried porcelain; Oil; Liquefied workpiece; Glass raw materials; Varnish, wait.

Main application fields of V-shaped paint filter paper:

Wood and furniture spraying;

Hardware spraying;

Automobile spraying;

Paint room;

It is not good to use glass fiber wool when filtering and spraying ceramics. It is recommended to use V-shaped paint filter paper for better filtering effect.

Advantages and disadvantages of V-type paint filter paper: it is more suitable for paint mist particles with large and heavy particles. When spraying large workpieces, V-type paint filter paper is the best choice. The heavier, sticky and thicker the spraying particles, the better the filtering effect of V-type paint filter paper. If different spraying materials are selected during painting, such as polyurethane, epoxy resin, alkyd resin, etc., why do you still use V-shaped paint filter paper, but please note that nitrocellulose paint and resin paint should not be used in the same spraying room equipped with filter paper. When the spray paint mist is lighter than air, the blocking effect of V-shaped paint filter paper is not very ideal. Because paint mist particles will drill through small holes with the air and be taken away.

Therefore, it is necessary to select appropriate paint mist filter materials, reduce costs, improve work efficiency, and protect the environment and personal safety.

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