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We all know that PPS filter bag is resistant to high temperature. How about its temperature resistance

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 2

We all know that PPS filter bag is resistant to high temperature, so how about its temperature resistance? 1. Mechanical properties: basically the same as polyester in strength, elongation and elasticity. 2. Flame retardant: PPS filter bag has flame retardancy and spontaneous combustion (LOI oxygen index is 34-35). 3. Radiation resistance: compared with traditional nylon and polyester, PPS filter bag improves the resistance to radiation such as rays and neutral rays. 4. Electrical characteristics: PPS filter bag shows continuous and stable electrical characteristics under high temperature, high humidity and high frequency. 5. It has hydrolytic resistance at 160C or even 500% relative humidity, and the PPS filter bag can even be used for 500 hours at 79% relative humidity. 6. Convenient cleaning can be achieved by processing the lampblack calendar. 7. Heat resistance: PPS filter bag has a high melting point of 85. PPS filter bag has long-term heat resistance, can be used continuously under 190, and has strong steam resistance; It can maintain 90% strength even under 160 high-pressure steam 8. Chemical resistance: chemical resistance can be compared with fluorine fiber. PPS filter bag can be used for most acids with temperature lower than *00c (except for some acids, such as concentrated nitric acid). In addition to several oxidants, alkali and organic solvents also maintain stable chemical resistance.

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