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What are the advantages of medium efficiency bag filter?

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

Medium efficiency bag filter is one of the common air filters in air purification equipment. The medium efficiency bag filter basically has no material consumption. Because the medium efficiency bag filter is more convenient to be close to the filter bag, the stainless steel filter bag is formed by the reinforcing mesh and the filter cylinder, the filter cylinder cover and the main parts of the quick opening mechanism. The filtrate flows into the drip bag through the side inlet pipe of the filter housing, and the liquid permeates through the filter bag with the required fineness level, that is, the qualified filtrate and the effect of the impurity particles being intercepted by the filter bag can be obtained. However, the filter bag itself is installed in the reinforcing mesh basket, Thereby realizing the function of purifying air. The medium efficiency bag filter has many advantages such as simple operation, good sealing, reasonable structure and strong circulation ability. In particular, the inner and outer surfaces of the filter are mechanically sand blasted and polished for easy cleaning. Especially when the side leakage probability of the filter bag is small, the function of correctly ensuring the filtration accuracy is well ensured, and the filter bag can be changed quickly. Medium efficiency bag filter in daily life In particular, its popularity in the purification equipment has become more and more popular with the increasingly serious environmental pollution. It is well known that the filtration method adopted by the bag filter is the side in and side out method, or the side in and bottom out method can be adopted to press or pump the filtered liquid medium into the barrel of the bag filter, so as to change, so that the solid and liquid can reach the liquid medium and be filtered. Finally, as the medium efficiency bag filter has many specifications, how to correctly distinguish the filters of different specifications and models among the many specifications requires us to consult the bag filter manufacturer at ordinary times to understand some relevant product knowledge, such as: multi bag filter is suitable for large flow filtration and has complete specifications. The single bag filter bag can provide fast design and easy replacement. The multi bag filter is difficult for individuals to operate because of its large volume, which requires consumers to choose the bag filter according to their own needs. Bag filter manufacturers are also full of confidence in the development of unfilters.

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