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What are the advantages of using liquid filter bags in the chemical industry?

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 5

Compared with the traditional filter element, the filter bag is more portable and convenient to replace. The filter bag is usually made of non-woven fabric, which will generate other pollution sources, and the product performance is also well guaranteed. However, in the actual use process, we often find that if the filter bag is not properly stored, it is prone to aging for a long time. How can we avoid this situation?

Factors of filter bag aging

General filter bags are sensitive to ultraviolet light, so pay attention to this when storing filter bags.

Whether used outdoors or indoors, light safety and stability should be considered. The filter bag without light stabilization is easy to lose its luster, crack its appearance, and lose its color when exposed outdoors for a long time, which will also lead to the decline of the chemical properties of the filter bag.

Due to seasonal changes, the outdoor UV intensity will also change inversely. In summer, the UV is strong, so it is not necessary to put the filter bag directly in the sun exposure environment because the sun exposure will also accelerate the aging of the filter bag, greatly reducing the service cycle of the filter bag.

In fact, the filter bag will almost inevitably age after being stored for a long time, so we can only place the filter bag in a cool and dry place as far as possible, pay attention to the maintenance of the filter bag during use, and extend the service life of the filter bag.

Advantages of chemical filter bag:

1. The price of chemical filter bag is economical: compared with similar filter products, filter element, filter press and centrifuge, more filter elements need to be added to filter because the flow of filter element is less than that of chemical filter bag, so the cost of product, manual replacement and waste disposal will be greatly increased. When centrifuges are used, there is a great potential safety hazard. At the same time, the power of centrifuges is very high, which is also a big expense in the electricity bill. Therefore, based on the above, it will be a good choice to use chemical filter bags for chemical filtration.

2. Filtration effect of chemical filter bag: the chemical filter bag adopts the international standard EATON inverted loop, and the bag body is treated by all hot melting processes. This can ensure that there will be no side leakage during filtering, and the hot-melt process can also greatly avoid the problem of side leakage at the connection during filtering.

3. Extreme working conditions applicable to chemical filter bags: As a liquid filter bag used in the chemical industry, the working conditions to be challenged are sometimes extreme, and chemical filter bags can well withstand the pH range of PH1-14, CPS viscosity of 70000, and temperature of 120 ° or less. If the impurity content is too high and the flow requirement is high, the problem can be solved by using the multi bag filter matched with the chemical filter bag.

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