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What are the characteristics of chemical filter - V-type activated carbon filter?

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The difference between the chemical filter and the general air filter is that it can remove the gas pollutants (corrosive gas, toxic gas) in the air, and it is an air filter to deal with the toxic and harmful gases in the air. It can effectively improve the indoor air quality and protect people's physical and mental health.

V-type activated carbon air filter and box type granular activated carbon filter, also known as activated carbon chemical filter, are mainly used to remove chemical gas pollutants in the air to meet the needs of microelectronics, nuclear industry, pharmacy, chemical industry, environmental protection, laboratory animals, light industry and other industries.

With the industrial development and urban expansion, the concentration of harmful gases in the atmosphere increases; With the progress of technology and the improvement of life, people's demand for pure air has increased. The demand for chemical filters is increasing. At present, most chemical filters are activated carbon air filters.

The V-type activated carbon air filter uses highly adsorbable and activated carbon particles as the filter material. It has a highly developed microporous structure, large adsorption capacity, fast adsorption and desorption, and good purification effect. It is used to remove odor and high density gaseous pollutants.

V-type activated carbon air filter mainly adopts W/V structure to increase ventilation area and thus increase air volume.

It is recommended to add at least F7 filter at the front end of the activated carbon filter to protect the activated carbon filter and extend its service life.

W/V-shaped structure general thickness series: 292mm, of course, the specific size can be customized;

General application of V-type activated carbon air filter:

@Odor of electronic components and food processing plants;

@The putrid smell and other peculiar smells of hospitals and museums;

@Smell of kitchen and toilet;

@Paint smell in paint spray workshop;

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