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What are the characteristics of high efficiency filter without partition

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 2

High efficiency filters mainly include the non partition high efficiency filter and the partition high efficiency filter. The non partition high efficiency filter has the advantages of high efficiency and low resistance. With the continuous development of society and the improvement of purification equipment technology, today the FFU fan pass unit has entered our life, and most families have used FFU. The reason why FFU fan filtration is so good is that, The clapboard free HEPA filter plays a very important role, because the filter material of the clapboard free HEPA filter is superfine glass fiber, and the filtering effect of this filter material for 0.3 micron particles can reach 99.99%.

Diaphragm free high efficiency filter is mainly used to filter air suspended particles below 03um as the end filtration of various filtering systems. Diaphragm free high efficiency filter is a very common type of filter in the current cleaning project. It is separated by hot melt adhesive or plastic comb. Compared with ordinary filters, it has the advantages of low resistance, high efficiency, thin thickness, light weight, large dust capacity, etc.

SFFILTECH has perfect test bench equipment, which can strictly monitor and analyze the produced non partition high efficiency filter equipment to ensure that the product quality supplied to customers is superior. In addition to some special occasions with very high requirements for high temperature and high safety performance, generally speaking, the high efficiency filter without partition can completely replace the high efficiency filter with partition.

The high efficiency filter without partition intercepts the dust particles in the air. These particles make inertial motion with the air flow, or irregular Brownian motion, or move under the action of some field force. When these dust particles collide with other materials in the process of movement, the van der Waals force between materials can make these dust particles stick to the fiber surface. Diaphragm free high efficiency filters are mainly used for the end filtration of civil or industrial clean places with cleanliness requirements in electronic, semiconductor, precision machinery, pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries.

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