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What are the components of the filter resistance of the dust collection filter bag?

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 2

The running resistance of the dedusting bag is mainly composed of structural resistance and filtering resistance. Among them, the structural resistance △ P refers to the local resistance and frictional resistance caused by the inlet and outlet valves of the precipitator and their distribution pipes, which can be calculated and determined by the calculation formula specified in the relevant design manual, usually 200~500Pa. This part of resistance is inevitable, but it can be reduced as much as possible by adopting reasonable structural and hydrodynamic design, so that it does not exceed 20%~30% of the total resistance of the precipitator.

Filter resistance unloading refers to the local resistance caused by the filter element itself, including the resistance of clean filter material and the resistance of dust layer. It is affected by many factors, such as filter material structure, smoke and dust characteristics, filter load, operating conditions, etc., And it has random uncertainty. The filter resistance accounts for the main share of the total resistance of the precipitator, so it is the main content of this section.

Resistance value of clean filter material Clean filter material is not really a "filter element" in essence, but is only an appendage of the primary and secondary dust layers actually filtered. However, the structure and resistance characteristics of the clean filter material itself play a key role in the establishment of the dust layer and the overall filtration performance. In the field of industrial dust removal, the filtering speed of bag filter is low, the flow of gas in the filter material belongs to viscous laminar flow, and the resistance OP (Pa) of clean filter material is proportional to the filtering speed.

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