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What are the differences between melt blown cloth and non-woven cloth?

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 4

Nowadays, the fabrics for making masks generally include melt blown cloth and non-woven cloth. What is the difference between these two kinds of cloth?

1: Different raw materials are used. The main raw material for making melt blown cloth is polypropylene, while the raw materials for making non-woven cloth are polyester fiber, polyester fiber, cotton hemp, rayon, etc.

2: The characteristics are different. Because there are many gaps between meltblown fabrics, the structure is fluffy, while non-woven fabrics have the characteristics of moisture-proof, air permeability and environmental protection, and are non-toxic, odorless and easy to be decomposed.

3: The application is different. Because the non-woven fabric has no warp and weft thread, it will be convenient for cutting and sewing. It is deeply loved by manual lovers. The melt blown fabric is mainly used to make masks, isolation materials, thermal insulation materials, etc., while the non-woven fabric is mainly used in disposable masks, disposable compressed face towels, packaging bags, home life, etc.

Nowadays, disposable masks produced by many manufacturers contain three layers, and melt blown cloth and non-woven cloth. Melt blown cloth should mainly play the role of bacterial filtration in the middle layer, while the surface non-woven cloth mainly plays the role of preventing the entry of droplets and large particle dust, while the innermost non-woven cloth plays the role of fresh skin, ventilation and smooth breathing.

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