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What are the efficient customization services for V-shaped high-efficiency filters?

Time : 2023-06-21 Hits : 4

The customized stability of the V-shaped high-efficiency filter is quite strong, and it can be used for a long time. Overall, it has a high cost-effectiveness, which not only improves air quality but also promotes air circulation

From the perspective of composite materials, the V-type high-efficiency filter uses ultra-fine polypropylene fiber material, which meets the environmental protection requirements pursued in the market. After scrapping, it can be incinerated, greatly reducing production costs and avoiding damage during the production process. The structural design is reasonable, with small volume and compact structure. In most filters, it occupies small space and can save a lot of space. Choosing a pleated filter has many advantages, not only saving space, but also being convenient to use, making it a worthwhile filter to choose from.

Customized specifications for V-shaped high-efficiency filters with a wide range of applications, characterized by the ability to capture 0.3 μ The dust particles of m have a particularly high efficiency, reaching over 99.99%, and can withstand strong winds. It adopts a unique material and outer frame structure, which can better reduce resistance. Its structure is compact and dense, with unique seamless sealing technology, full elasticity, and is not easy to deform and fall off. This type of filter is a common type of filter in central air conditioning and central ventilation systems.

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