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What are the fibers of ordinary filter materials used in filter bags?

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1. Polyester fabric

Polyester fiber fabric is the kind of man-made fiber with the highest output in the world at present. It is a general designation of a kind of man-made fiber made of polyester synthesized by polycondensation of many kinds of diols and aromatic dicarboxylic acids as raw materials and then melt spinning; Due to the fat group in its fiber-forming polymer structure, it is collectively referred to as polyester fiber fabric, in which the output of poly-p-diphenyl formaldehyde ethylene glycol vegetable fiber is the highest.

2. Polyamide fiber

Polyamide fiber is the earliest kind of plant fiber synthesized by industrial production in the world. It is a kind of man-made fiber made of aliphatic dibasic acid and diamine or polyamide synthesized by W aliphatic amino acids through polycondensation and then melt spinning. Due to the amide group in the molecular structure of its high fiber molecule, it is collectively referred to as polyamide fiber. Among them, the output of polycaprolactam plant fiber and polycaprolactam plant fiber is the highest.

Polycaprolactam polyester staple fiber is also known as cotton fiber 6 polyester staple fiber, nylon 6 polyester staple fiber and nylon 6 polyester staple fiber

3. Polyolefin plant fiber

Polyolefin plant fiber is a kind of fiber-making fiber with relatively late industrial production in the world. It takes propylene in pyrolysis products as the initial raw material and prepares a high fiber polymer as isotactic polypropylene through polycondensation reaction initiated by unique metal catalyst. It is used for melting and spinning to obtain concrete fiber. Its product in China is called polypropylene fiber. The content of concrete fiber is the lightest among all fibers; Its strength is similar to that of polyester fabric; It has good corrosion resistance and can resist the action of inorganic acid and alkali; Its wear resistance is also very good.

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