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What are the reasons for small bubbles in the filtered water of PP cotton filter element?

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 4

The principle of PP cotton filter element is physical filtration. It is made of food grade polypropylene and compressed and fused by production equipment to make it into a cylinder. The filter element is equipped with three-layer filtration technology, which can effectively prevent the erosion of sediment, rust, suspended solids and other large particulate pollutants in the water source.

2. There are two reasons why there are small bubbles in the water source.

First, during the circulation process, water forms an oxygen needle hole after contacting with air. At this time, the pores less than the molecular density of water will float up and become small bubbles visible to the naked eye. In essence, it is still water, but it contains some trace gases without any harm.

The other is caused by the qualitative change of other substances outside, such as some medical drugs, domestic pollution, industrial pollution, etc. these substances fuse with water for a long time, and the substances containing chemical reactions inside produce qualitative change. The substances with density less than water will float up and form bubbles.

The harm of this kind of bubble is very serious, which needs to be prevented in time and cannot be used.

3. The bubbles remaining when the PP cotton filter element filters water are mainly formed by water circulation and external air compression. It is not harmful in itself and can be ignored. If you want to improve, you can put the water in a container for precipitation, and the bubbles will disappear after a few minutes.

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