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What cloth is used for dedusting cloth?

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 5

Dust removing cloth is a new type of industrial dust removing material, which is made by special technology. It has many functions, such as soft texture, strong adsorption, high decontamination rate, and no fiber loss. It has good ventilation performance, high dust removal effect, easy ash cleaning and certain acid resistance, alkali resistance and heat resistance. It is necessary to ensure industrial dust removal and filtration, which can effectively eliminate dust pollution in the process of industrial production, and make the air emission comply with China's standards. Do you know what kind of cloth is used for dust removal? What kinds are there? Classification of dust removal cloth: ① It is divided into polyester needle felt, polypropylene needle felt, PPS needle felt, Matas needle felt, flumex needle felt, glass fiber needle felt, P84 needle felt, PTFE and other coated needle felt according to materials. ② Dust removal cloth mainly includes medium temperature dust removal cloth, high temperature dust removal cloth, ultra-high temperature needle felt, etc. Advantages and disadvantages of various dedusting materials: 1. wood pulp / viscose and polyester composite non-woven dust removal cloth Advantages: non woven fabric structure, strong macro decontamination ability, suitable for removing a large number of pollutants. Defect: the cleanliness is not high, the solvent is broken, and it cannot be used in a clean environment. 2. all polyester non-woven wiping cloth Compared with wood pulp polyester non-woven fabric, it is cleaner and more durable, but it is not suitable to remove water pollution, because the hydrophilicity of polyester is not strong. 3. all wood pulp non-woven wiping cloth Advantages: resistance to organic solvents and strong decontamination ability Defect: poor cleanliness. Except for M-3 made in Japan, other domestic wood pulp non-woven fabrics have low cleanliness and are easy to fall off, so they are not suitable for use in dust-free rooms above class 1000. 4. all PP non-woven wiping cloth It is a good helper to remove oil pollution, but its cleanliness is not high and its water absorption is not good. 5. polyester knitted dust-free cloth Advantages: wear resistance, strong decontamination ability and high cleanliness. Defects: no water absorption, weak ability to remove sewage. It is usually treated with hydrophilic agent, which will dissolve into the solvent we use. 6. polyester / nylon knitted scrubbing cloth Advantages: wear resistance, strong ability to remove grease, fingerprints and other pollutants, fast solvent drying after scrubbing, high efficiency, Defect: high cost.

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