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what is a filter bag housing?

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Filter bag housing refers to the filter of liquid. Filter bag housing is an indispensable equipment for the unit operation of liquid purification, separation and purification. Its structural form and operating characteristics directly affect the unit operation of liquid purification, separation and purification.

Filter bag housing features:

1. Large liquid flow and low pressure of filter bag housing: suitable for liquid filtration with high viscosity and small particles, easy polymer and small suspended solids. The filter bag housing can be classified according to the filter structure and filter media according to the user's needs.

2. Filter bag housing can be cleaned online: online cleaning refers to the online cleaning process of filter bag housing. Online cleaning of filter bag housing is an advanced technology in the field of industrial cleaning of filter bag housing and a high-speed chemical cleaning method. The application of this technology will provide a new solution for online filter cleaning.

Filter bag housing composition:

1. Filter bag housing suction layer: it is made of porous ceramic material as the substrate, the upper part is a porous ceramic plate, the middle part is a supporting framework, and the lower part is a porous ceramic filter plate.

2. Filter layer of filter bag housing: It is composed of porous ceramic plates, and the upper and lower parts have the same aperture. Those with large apertures are called upper layers, and those with small apertures are called lower layers. The porosity of the upper layer is 5-20 nm; The lower porosity is 10-100nm. The pores are evenly distributed, which can reduce the leakage of liquid.

3. Filter bag housing pressure layer: its pore size is 5-200nm, pore size is 0.5-1.5mm, and its upper and lower parts are porous ceramic plates. The filter press can be made of natural materials or artificial materials. The upper and lower porous ceramic plates are made of different materials, which can filter different impurities.

4. Filter bag housing filling layer: mainly composed of polytetrafluoroethylene, polyamide, paraffin and water.

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