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What is a high efficiency filter without separator?

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What is a high efficiency filter without partition in the air filter?

There are many kinds of air filters, including primary filter, medium efficiency filter, high efficiency filter, sub high efficiency filter and super high efficiency filter. The high efficiency filters inside include: high efficiency filters with baffles, high efficiency filters without baffles, high temperature/humidity resistant high efficiency filters, combined high efficiency filters, liquid tank high efficiency filters, and disposable/replaceable integrated high efficiency filters. High efficiency filter without partition is just one of them. What is a high efficiency filter without partition in the air filter?

Outer frame of high efficiency filter without partition:

Aluminum alloy profiles, multi-layer plate frames, aluminum plate frames and galvanized steel plate frames are mainly used, and aluminum alloy profile frames are mostly used, which are mainly made into square structures. Optional accessories are single-sided or double-sided anodized aluminum mesh protection single-sided or double-sided gas tight gaskets.

Filter material of high efficiency filter without partition:

It is to remove the corrugated partition board in the traditional structure, which uses superfine glass fiber as the filter material. Chemical fibers are gradually used, and hot melt adhesive is used as the separator of the filter element to assemble with various outer frames. It is suitable for strict unidirectional flow and high level non unidirectional flow cleanroom projects. Some foreign manufacturers use static polytetrafluoroethylene fiber (electret) to manufacture high efficiency filters, commonly known as PTFE. The advantages of diaphragm free high efficiency filter are: small size, light weight, easy installation, stable efficiency, uniform wind speed, and easy to mechanized production. Many filters used in the clean room are of non partition structure.

High efficiency filter with partition is generally made of aluminum foil and paper in folded form as filter element separator to form air passage. The partition board is made of kraft paper, which is formed by hot rolling, or coated paper is used as the partition board, or coated paper with double-sided adhesive is used as the partition board. The main purpose is to prevent the partition board from shrinking under the influence of cold, hot, dry and wet, so as to emit particles. When the temperature and humidity change, this kind of partition paper may have larger particles, which will cause the cleanliness test of the clean workshop to be unqualified.

Therefore, for places with high cleanliness requirements, we will recommend customers to use non partition high-efficiency filters, and the price of filters with partition is higher than that of filters without partition, so it can also save costs. In addition, the high efficiency design without partition can achieve the highest efficiency with the minimum resistance. Compared with the rectangular channel with partition filter, the V-shaped channel without partition filter further improves the uniformity of dust holding. In particular, the designed hot melt adhesive can ensure the same fold spacing, ensure the best air flow, achieve high dust holding capacity, and extend the service life.

The filter without partition for ventilation can avoid the use of metal parts, which is easy to be discarded and meets increasingly stringent environmental requirements. In addition to some special occasions with high temperature resistance and high safety requirements, the filter without partition can replace the filter with partition.

Functional characteristics of high efficiency filter without partition:

When reducing the size and weight of the filter, it can also increase its air volume. For small space, products with larger air volume can be produced due to the demand for wind speed. In order to facilitate handling and installation, smaller and lighter frames can be provided to reduce the weight. Good product design can flexibly install, replace and upgrade products. The performance of the product is better than that of the filter with partition plate which is twice the height of the outer frame. Products with 55mm, 70mm and 75mm high pleats can reduce product resistance and improve filtration efficiency, with better performance than other products without baffles on the market. When using 55mm 70mm, 75mm pleated products can reduce product resistance and bring energy saving benefits to the system.

Different types of air filters have different models and application ranges. When purchasing, you should screen according to the range you need to use. It is better to listen to the suggestions of professionals. You should not buy blindly. It is worth noting that since the filter surface is not dirty, you should often maintain and clean it in order to extend its service life. Filter equipment is consumable. When the filter device reaches a certain resistance value (final resistance value), you should replace the filter device to ensure the filtering effect. If you have any other information about air filter, please come to SFFILTECH for consultation

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