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What is a micron filter bag?

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 3

The liquid filter bag depends on the fluid pressure of the filtering system. The filtered liquid passes through the filter bag, leaving impurities in the filter bag to achieve the purpose of filtering. Therefore, the requirements for filtration completely depend on the precision of the filter bag. It is very important to select the precision, quality and material of the filter bag.

The micron level liquid filter bag can effectively remove small particles, which are solid substances in any liquid that need to be removed, and it is very economical. The liquid products to be filtered pass through a micron filter bag, and the solid substances in the liquid will be quickly and easily blocked in the filter bag. This filter bag is relatively solid, and the liquid can keep flowing at a high speed.

PP/PE micron filter felt - filtering accuracy: 1 μ m,5 μ m,10 μ m,15 μ m,25 μ m,50 μ m,100 μ m,150 μ m,200 μ m,300 μ m。 It uses ultra-fine pure fiber to form a highly fluffy, tortuous three-dimensional filter material by needling. The loose fiber tissue and super air permeability can effectively capture fine solid particles and colloidal particles, and it is not easy to block. The high-strength fiber yarn can avoid the damage caused by the increase of fluid pressure during the filtering process. High temperature heat treatment and singeing and calendering treatment are adopted on the surface of felt cloth, which will not pollute the filtrate due to the separation of fibers, and also avoid shortening the service life of filter bag due to excessive blockage of filter holes caused by traditional rolling treatment, and will not affect the filtering flow, thus improving the filtering efficiency.

Nylon monofilament filter material - micron filter precision: 35 μ m,50 μ m,80 μ m,100 μ m,125 μ m,150 μ m,200 μ m,250 μ m,300 μ m,400 μ m,600 μ m,800 μ m,1000 μ m。 Mesh filter material made of single fiber. According to the filtering accuracy requirements, each single wire intersection is fusion welded to ensure that the fiber moves due to fluid pressure during filtering. Nylon monofilament filter material is a plane filter material, which traps the impurities on the surface of the material. The product can be cleaned repeatedly, saving the filtering cost. This type of product is suitable for low precision coarse filtration.

General application fields of micron filter bags: they are widely used in food, medicine, petroleum, paint, coating, chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, machinery, automobile, light industry and other fields. It can filter and purify water, liquid, air, solid particles and bacteria.

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