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What is bag filter in HVAC?

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HVAC system software air filter refers to the gas cleaning equipment used for HVAC system software. HVAC is the English abbreviation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, which refers to the system software or related machinery and equipment that undertakes the radiator, natural ventilation and air conditioning system in the room or in the car. It can also be referred to as the ventilation and air conditioning system software. Among them, the air filter is used to filter solid, suspended solid or harmful substances such as smoke and particles in the air. It is a key component of HVAC system software. It filters raw materials according to the porous structure to achieve the purpose of purifying indoor air, so as to ensure the gas cleanliness level, so that the natural environment can meet the requirements of industrial production or commercial housing to a large extent.

HVAC air filters can be divided into three categories according to the filter efficiency and filter type:

General general air filter: according to its function and efficacy, general general air filter can be divided into primary efficiency filter, medium efficiency filter and sub-high efficiency filter. Among them, the primary filter is mainly applicable to the primary and intermediate filter of commercial or industrial ventilation and air conditioning engineering system software or the pre-filter of ventilation and air conditioning engineering system software for purification room, and the filter size can exceed 5 μ M of floating dust particles.

The medium-efficiency filter is mainly used in the primary filtration of air conditioning units, and the filter size can exceed 1 μ M of floating dust particles, as the front-end development filter to maintain the next filter to reduce the load of the latter and increase its service life. The sub-high efficiency filter has good performance. It can be used as the filter equipment of the terminal equipment of the clean natural ventilation air conditioning unit, and can also be used as the positive intermediate filter of the exhaust system in the high cleaning regulated site.

HEPA filter: HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) filter, which is a high-efficiency air purifier, is a double-layer cleaning technology that can filter more than 99.97% of the particle size of more than 0.3 μ M floating dust particles, with the characteristics of very good filtering effect, excellent sealing performance and long service life, are widely used in semiconductor equipment processing plants, lcd screen hardware plants, modular design purification rooms and other places with extremely high cleanliness level.

Liquid phase filter: It is the regulation of removing air pollutants (liquid, vapor or suspended solids) in the air according to organic chemistry and physics absorption, digestion and catalytic reaction to achieve high efficiency and rapid purification of indoor air. It is mainly used in hotel restaurants and data centers and other commercial service sites that are sensitive to the pollution of vapor environment.

The rapid development trend of air filter is closely related to the development trend of national defense and electronic industry. During the First World War, due to the application of various organic chemical poisons, the military anti-gas mask with glass fiber cotton filter paper as the smoke filter layer came into being. The glass fiber filter material used for gas filtration was patented abroad in October 1940.

In the 1950s, the United Kingdom carried out in-depth scientific research on the production process of glass fiber filter paper, which made the air filter improved and developed; In the 1960s, HEPA filter came out; In the 1970s, the HEPA filter with microfiber filter paper as the filter material was used μ The particle filtration efficiency of m particle size is 99.9998%; After the 1980s, with the emergence of new test standards, the improvement of application comments and the improvement of filtration performance regulations, HEPA filters were found to have serious problems, resulting in higher performance ULPA filters.

HVAC air filter was initially used in industrial production with the key purpose of improving the office environment of employees. After decades of development trends, HVAC air filters have been widely used in household and commercial household appliances, cars, trains, aerospace, airlines, electronic devices, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and other industries at this stage, with air filtration effects of anti-pollution, bacteriostasis, and removal of harmful substances. The main use of HVAC system software air filter will be further expanded in the future. Taking the data center as an example, the most important thing for the construction of the data center is the software environment that can produce the best operation performance for the data processing methods and storage equipment.

The HVAC control system in the data center controls the software environment of the data information machine equipment. The appropriate temperature and ambient humidity may improve the stability of the operation of the IT machine equipment and reduce the operating costs. The HVAC system software air filter plays an indispensable role in the whole process here. The arrival of the Internet era will further enhance the requirements for data centers. With the expansion of the total number and business scale of data centers, the air filters for HVAC system software for data center equipment will also continue to rise. Data centers will become one of the key main uses in the field of HVAC system software air filters in the future.

The improvement of all sales markets is promoted by the use of commercial services and industrial production industries, which together account for 90% of the annual revenue. Among them, the key to the application of industrial production industry comes from electric power and energy enterprises and processing and manufacturing industries, and the key to the application of commercial service industry lies in government units, commercial real estate and designated medical institutions. The HVAC air filter for the main purpose of industrial production has occupied more than 60% of the market share from 2013 to 2017. However, the proportion of HVAC air filter used in commercial real estate is also slowly increasing because the continuous improvement of urbanization in China has promoted the development trend of the real estate industry.

In recent years, thanks to the emergence of new filtering materials, new technologies and new processes, the design of HVAC air filters has made significant progress. The cyclone friction resistance has been reduced, the calorie consumption has been reduced, and the filtering efficiency has been further improved. In the current HVAC air filter sales market, the filter with microfiber as the filter material is dominant, but the membrane manufacturer also follows the development trend of the gas filtration industry, showing high-efficiency membrane filtration devices and improving the filtration performance of the membrane under low aerodynamic friction resistance.

In the application of high-efficiency gas filtration and dust collector, the membrane filtration device is likely to replace the microfiber filter. In addition, HVAC air filter has made great progress in its unique performance of heat resistance, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance, which is beneficial to consider the provisions of some unique application fields. In the future, the development trend of heat-resistant filters may be further accelerated.

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