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What is F7 bag filter?

Time : 2023-06-26 Hits : 3

F7 medium efficiency filter bag is made of superfine synthetic fiber with special weaving method to avoid discomfort to human body caused by old glass fiber material. The filter material contains electrostatic fiber, which is particularly good for sub-micron (less than 1 or less than 1micron) dust filtration efficiency, and 85% for particles of 1 micron. It has high dust collection force, high dust load and high permeability, and long service life.

Features and product introduction of F7 medium efficiency bag air filter

Bag filter has large effective filtering area, large dust capacity, small resistance and large ventilation capacity; The frame and support frame can be reused. When replacing the filter, only the filter bag needs to be replaced, which is convenient and fast, and greatly reduces the operating cost.


* Robust structural design.

* High dust collection rate and long service life

* Low initial resistance

* Lightweight structure, easy to install

* The fluffy multilayer man-made fiber filter paper can achieve

* a large degree of filtration efficiency

F7 medium efficiency bag filter is a kind of bag efficiency filter in the medium efficiency filter. It mainly captures 1-5 um of particulate dust and various suspended solids in the air work. Its main characteristics are: solid structure design, high dust collection rate, long service life, low initial resistance, large air volume, light structure and easy installation

F7 medium efficiency bag filter efficiency: the bag color is pink, the efficiency is 75% - 85%, the initial resistance is 70pa, and the number of standard bags; 8, 6, 3, size requirements Our company can customize according to the actual requirements of customers

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