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What is FFU fan filter unit? What are the characteristics of FFU fan filter unit?

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What is an FFU filter unit?

FFU is the abbreviation of Fan Filter Units in English. In Chinese, it means fan filter unit, or fan filter unit. It is a modular end air supply device with built-in power and filtering function (meaning an air self-cleaning device).

DC fan filter unit (DC FFU) is a ceiling unit with internal fan, which is used in turbulent flow and laminar flow cleanrooms. It is characterized by modular connection. The design of the unit is flexible as a whole. According to the design specifications, it can easily cooperate with any ceiling framework to meet the requirements of cleanliness class 1000 to 1.

The air is sucked in by the fan from the top and filtered by HEPA. After filtering, the clean air is uniformly sent out from the air outlet surface at a speed of 0.45m/s ± 20%; To provide clean air and particle filter control for clean environment, the fan filter unit is one of the quiet and well priced units in the clean market. The unit can deliver high-quality air to the clean room. And the air manifold is good. It is suitable for semiconductor, electronic, flat panel display and disk drive manufacturers, optical, biological industry and other industries. It is used in clean rooms, clean workbenches, clean production lines, assembly clean rooms, local hundred level and other occasions, and other places with strict control requirements for pollution in the air to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

What are the characteristics of FFU fan filter unit?

1. Ultra thin appearance design, 100MM thinner than ordinary FFU, light weight, thin body, without filter screen, body thickness is 23cm, weight is only 25KG, and it can also be used in places with low ceilings

2. The shell is made of stainless steel, aluminized zinc plate, cold rolled steel plate and other materials. Corrosion resistant, rust proof, beautiful and generous

3. Double overheating protection, with strong overheating protection inside, smooth and bright surface, low wind resistance, and good sound insulation effect. The unique air inlet duct design effectively reduces pressure loss and noise during operation.

4. HEPA efficiency is 99.99% @ 0.3um-99.999% @ 0.12um, with excellent air uniform distribution performance.

5. High performance low-noise fan, multi wing turbine energy-saving fan, ultra-low noise, uniform wind pressure diffusion, uniform and stable grid speed on the air outlet surface, low power consumption, low operating cost, and working life of more than 80000 hours.

6. Multiple safety protection, double overheating protection, smooth and bright surface, touch control panel, no mechanical key switch, single key induction, safe and reliable, overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating protection.

7. The optimized internal current sharing design ensures that the uniformity deviation of FFU surface network speed is less than ± 10%.

8. Flexible, diversified design, in addition to standard models, we can make non-standard products of different specifications according to customer needs. For example, the type of filter screen and the material of bulky body are changed.

9. Various functional options, optional air inlet primary efficiency filter, air inlet connecting pipe, remote control, differential pressure gauge and other options.

10. It has the characteristics of energy saving, computer centralized control, stable operation, digital speed regulation, etc. One computer can be used to centrally control the operation, speed regulation and working status query of 8000 fans.

11. It can be easily matched with various HEPA and ULPA;

12. Multi wing centrifugal fan can provide high air volume and high static pressure conditions; Ensure the use in different environments;

13 Suitable for Class 1-1000 clean room; It is especially suitable for assembling super clean production lines. It can be configured for single or multiple use according to the needs of the process, or multiple sets can be connected in series to form a 100 level assembly line;

14 Before leaving the factory, the products are scanned and tested one by one with a dust ion counter according to ISO14644-1 international standard to ensure product quality.

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