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What is oil absorbing filter bag?

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 3

The oil absorbing filter bag is a filter bag made of pure polypropylene multi-layer melt blown, and the melt blown polypropylene has lipophilicity. The filter cloth formed by the melt blown polypropylene has the property of absorbing grease and has good oil removal and filtration efficiency.

First, let's understand the characteristics of this filter bag. It mainly includes the following points:

1. With bypass and transmission layer patented technology.

2. The 9-layer filter is equipped with bypass.

3. 25 layers of final filter.

4. Nano super new fiber structure, while ordinary filter bag is needle felt. In fact, to ensure the cleanliness of lubricating oil, there are two sources of solid particles in NAS5-6 lubricating oil: first, raw materials such as base oil and additives are brought in by themselves; Second, the solid particles brought in by raw materials introduced through filling machines, pipelines and other system facilities are generally small, while the particles introduced by ordinary filling machines, pipelines and other system facilities are generally large. According to our field experience, two-stage bag filter is selected for the oil suction filter bag, and the filtration efficiency is 99%. The "0.5+0.5" bag filter combination mode can completely meet the requirements of NAS5-6 for lubricating oil cleanliness.

Of course, other factors on the customer's site, such as the packaging materials (Tietong and plastic barrels), the working environment on the filling site, the filling equipment and pipelines, also have a certain impact on the final lubricating oil cleanliness.

The influence of packaging materials on cleanliness Lubricant packaging materials are generally divided into iron drums and plastic drums. Among them, the iron barrel is produced by the roll sealing process, and the plastic barrel is produced by the blow molding process. Due to the limitation of its production process, these two processes will inevitably expose the packaging to the air; Make the fine dust in the air enter the barrel. These impurities gathered in the package will pollute the lubricating oil and affect the cleanliness of the lubricating oil.

The influence of working environment on cleanliness At present, filling operation is carried out in a completely open space. During the filling process, a large amount of dust floating in the air of the working space will inevitably enter the packaging, thus affecting the cleanliness of the lubricating oil.

The influence of the filling equipment on the cleanliness. Because the filling equipment (including pipelines, filling machines, etc.) is in direct contact with the lubricating oil, if its cleanliness is not high, the filtered lubricating oil with cleanliness will be polluted.

Secondly, the application range of oil absorption filter bag is also very wide.

The filter bag can be used in electric paint coating line, wastewater discharge pretreatment, circuit board production circulating water, automobile production coating line, metal casting, protective filtration before ultrafiltration, filtration and degreasing filtration of spray water and other industrial fields.

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