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What is the blockage of the filter press?

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

Filter press filter cloth belongs to a filter cloth to support the filter press to use, filter press also is divided into two kinds, one is a vertical filter press, one is a plate and frame filter press, the two kinds of filter cloth is different, but all rely on pressure filter, in some cases will produce filter press filter cloth blockage problems, we should pay attention to these situations. Blocking reason of filter press 1. Filfilter cloth is not appropriate. It is said that the filter press relies on pressure for filtration, in the case of improper selection of filter cloth, the aperture of the filter cloth does not meet, pressure extrusion filtration will cause filter slag into the aperture resulting in filter cloth blockage, which is a more common cause of blockage; 2. Quality problem of the filter cloth. The quality of the filter cloth, poor stripping and air permeability, in normal filtration conditions, the filter slag on the filter cloth surface; the filter fabric weaving method into the aperture cause blockage; the filter cloth permeability is poor, the filter cake water content is high viscosity, adhesion on the surface of the filter cloth cause blockage. The above are several reasons for the filter press filter blockage caused by the filter press, to avoid the blockage of the filter press filter cloth from the selection and quality of two points, choose the appropriate and high quality filter press filter cloth.

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