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What is the effect of industrial filter on sewage treatment?

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 3

The treatment of urban sewage is usually based on the use or discharge direction of sewage and the natural purification capacity of water to determine the sewage treatment method and corresponding technology, but practice has proved that this treatment effect is not obvious. In order to treat sewage more effectively, the new filtering equipment adopts advanced technologies at home and abroad, breaking the barriers of the past equipment filtering equipment, and making the new R&D equipment have the same tradition. The features of the equipment, on the basis of functional upgrading, realize the entire automation process, making the filtering work faster and more efficient. The new filtering equipment can also centralize the sewage for uniform treatment, which can not only speed up the process flow, but also save energy.

A series of filtration equipment such as coarse filters can not only filter and purify sewage, but also solve the problem of urban sewage flooding.

The backwash filter consumes too much water. For more information about filtering, fine, self-cleaning filters, filters, filter elements, equipment, and purified water, please contact us.

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