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What is the function of air filter?

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

The purpose of air filter is to obtain clean air that can meet the standard. Generally, the filter for ventilation is to capture and adsorb dust particles with different particle sizes in the air to improve the air quality. In addition to adsorbing dust, chemical filter can also adsorb gas smell, which is usually used in biopharmaceuticals, hospitals, airport terminals, human settlements and other places. Generally, filters for ventilation are widely used, which are needed in microelectronics industry, coating industry, food and beverage industry, etc. In other words, the filter is only a means to achieve the goal of cleanliness. The prototype of air filter is a respiratory protective device used by people to protect breathing. According to records, as early as the first century in Rome, when people purified mercury, they used masks made of coarse hemp for protection. In the long time since then, air filters have also made progress, but they are mainly used as respiratory air coolers in some dangerous industries, such as the production of hazardous chemicals. In 1827, brown discovered the law of motion of small particles, and people have a further understanding of the mechanism of air filtration. Significant progress has also been made in the design of filters, the most important of which is the removal of partition plates, that is, the development of non partition filters. The clapboard free filter not only eliminates the danger of damage to the filter medium by the partition plate, but also effectively increases the filtering area, improves the filtering efficiency, and reduces the air flow resistance, thereby reducing the energy consumption. In addition, the air filter has also made great progress in high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, anti bacteria and other aspects, meeting some special needs. The compressed air from the air source contains excessive water vapor and oil droplets, as well as solid impurities, such as rust, sand, pipe sealant, etc., which will damage the piston sealing ring, block the small exhaust holes on the components, shorten the service life of the components or make them invalid The function of the air filter is to separate the liquid water and liquid oil drops in the compressed air, and filter the dust and solid impurities in the air, but cannot remove the gaseous water and oil The structure of the high-efficiency air filter is that the compressed air flowing from the inlet is introduced into the deflector, on which there are evenly distributed oblique teeth similar to the fan blades, forcing the high-speed compressed air to rotate strongly along the tangent direction of the teeth. The liquid oil and large impurities mixed in the air are separated under the action of strong centrifugal force, thrown onto the inner wall of the water cup and flow to the bottom of the water cup. The compressed air that removes liquid water, oil and large impurities is further filtered through the filter element to remove small solid particles, and then clean compressed air is output from the outlet. The umbrella baffle divides the water cup into upper and lower parts, and the lower part maintains a pressure static area, which can prevent the high-speed rotating air flow from sucking up the water and oil at the bottom of the cup. The water and oil gathered at the bottom of the cup are discharged from the drain valve. The air filter must be installed vertically with the water cup downward. The main function of the air filter is to filter the air and make it meet the specified requirements for people to use. In this process, the filter will certainly be very dirty, so we must maintain the filter regularly, so that the filter can work normally and reduce the probability of failure.

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