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What is the function of spray molding dust removal framework?

Time : 2023-07-11 Hits : 20

The spraying dust removal framework is an important component of dust removal equipment, and its main functions are as follows:

Provide support and stability: The spray molded dust removal skeleton is used to support the filter bag, maintain its shape and stability, and ensure that the filter bag can operate normally in the dust removal equipment.

Fixation and installation of cloth bags: There is usually a fixing device on the skeleton, which is used to firmly fix the filter bag on the skeleton, ensuring that the connection between the filter bag and the skeleton is firm and reliable.

Air flow distribution and uniformity: The design of the spray plastic dust removal framework can affect the distribution and uniformity of air flow in the filter bag, ensuring that the air flow can fully contact the filter material when passing through the filter bag, and improving dust removal efficiency.

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