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What is the price of non barrier high efficiency filters related to?

Time : 2023-06-25 Hits : 3

1. Choosing different filter media also affects the price of a high efficiency filter without a partition. The filter media include ultra-fine glass fibers, chemical fibers, and electrostatically charged polytetrafluoroethylene fibers (electrets) (commonly known as PTFE) as filter paper. Although superfine glass fiber filter paper and PTFE filter paper differ in performance and toughness, their filtration efficiency can reach H13-H14, effectively intercepting 0.3 um of dust particles, and their filtration efficiency can reach 99.99% - 99.999%.

2. The material of the outer frame is different, and the price is also different. The materials of the outer frame include aluminum profiles, aluminum plates, galvanized frames, stainless steel, and multi-layer plate frames. There are also metal protective nets on the air inlet and outlet surfaces.

3. Although the sealant strip has a small impact on the price, there are also options! There are imported PU polyurethane foam adhesive, EVA hot melt adhesive, and neoprene rubber. The sealant is generally PU two component polyurethane adhesive, and the separator is EVA hot melt adhesive.

4. An important factor in determining the price of an item is based on the size of the customer. The price is definitely different for different thicknesses and sizes.

5. It also has something to do with the quantity you want to buy. If you want more, you can contact our sales team for a wholesale price.

6. The service provided by the manufacturer is also very important. Although the price is discussed here, the value of the item is also more important. Just because the filter is consumable and needs to be replaced frequently, then we definitely do not have a cooperation. Let's see if we can solve various problems that arise during the use process in a short period of time in the later stage, which will increase the cost effectiveness, as professional personnel can also affect the performance and service life of the equipment by replacing filters.

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