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What is the purpose of liquid filter bag?

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The liquid flows into the filter bag from the top or side of the filter bag, making the liquid evenly distributed in the filter bag. After passing through the filter bag, the impurities in the liquid larger than its own mesh are directly retained in the filter bag. The particles smaller than the mesh number pass through the mesh and enter the downstream. Therefore, the nylon monofilament filter bag realizes surface filtration, and the smooth surface is also convenient for cleaning and operation.

Generally, only the screen filter bag or the screen filter bag can express the accuracy with mesh number, while the liquid filter bag made of non-woven fabric to filter bag, such as needled felt or melt-blown material usually does not use mesh number to express the accuracy. However, the precision of 1 micron can not be achieved by screen and screen filter bag. The mesh number generally refers to the coarse and fine particle size of the filter material. In the field of liquid filtration, it refers to the number of holes per square inch. The larger the mesh number, the smaller the particle size of the filter material. On the contrary, the smaller the mesh number, the larger the particle size of the filter material.

Precision parameters of liquid filter bag

Filtration accuracy of impurities (um)

Water treatment 100 50 75

Paint 100 50 75

Ink 10 5

Electroplating 100 50 75

Electrophoretic paint 50 25 10

Beverages 50 25

Edible oil 10 5

Aquarium 200

Pharmaceutical 25 10 50

Drinking water 0.45 0.22

Since the filtration efficiency is divided into nominal precision and absolute precision, if you use a 1 micron nominal precision filter bag, it can not filter all particles above 1 micron. Even the absolute precision filter bag only requires its filtration efficiency to be above 99.9%, because no liquid filter bag can say that its filtration efficiency reaches 100%.

One inch (Inch) is 2.45cm, that is, there are 100 holes (100 meshes) in each square inch. The pore size of 100 meshes in the filter bag is about 149 microns, and the small particle size of impurities that the filter bag can filter is about 149 microns. The micron and mesh number of filter equipment have corresponding control parameters: 1 micron is about 12500 mesh, 10 micron is about 1250 mesh, 50 micron is about 250 mesh, and so on.

Characteristics of liquid filter bag

1. The filter material is white, not bleached, and complies with environmental protection standards.

2. The singeing treatment on the surface of the filter material prevents the fiber from falling off. The three-dimensional filter layer of the needled felt has the characteristics of large decontamination and good filtering effect.

3. Large filtration flow, high pressure bearing and stable performance.

4. High temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, easy replacement.

5. Low cost and wide range of application.

So when selecting the specification and model of the filter bag, you must communicate with the filter bag manufacturer to clarify your specific requirements, such as whether to filter all the impurities above 1 micron or just intercept most of the impurities above 1 micron. This is very important for the selection of general specifications of filter bags.

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