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What is U15 Ultra High Efficiency Air Filter?

Time : 2023-07-05 Hits : 16

U15 ultra high efficiency air filter, also known as U15 ultra high efficiency air filter or U15 non partition ultra high efficiency filter, is mainly used at the end of the clean room. The material used is imported filter material or local purification equipment. The efficiency of the high-efficiency filter U15 can filter 0.1um particles to control particles larger than 0.1um in the clean room

The U15 ultra high efficiency air filter is made of ultra-fine glass fiber paper and other materials, using hot melt adhesive as a separator, and combined with a metal frame. With the advantages of long lifespan and easy installation, the design of ultra-high efficiency air filters is based on engineering principles and scientific management. Their lifespan can reach several years or more, and the replacement of filters is also very simple. In use, simply disassemble the filter and replace the filter screen.

The U15 ultra efficient air filter has low resistance and large dust capacity, and is widely used in industrial clean rooms such as semiconductors, electronics, flat panel displays, precision machinery, surface coating, aerospace, etc. to ensure the normal operation of production processes and improve product yield. Used in pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage, bioengineering, experimental animal husbandry, and other biological cleanrooms, it creates a sterile environment.

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