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What kind of dust bag is selected for the bag type dust collector on the top of the asphalt mixing plant

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

What kind of dust bag is selected for the bag filter on the top of the asphalt mixing plant? The bag filter on the top of the asphalt mixture silo uses heavy oil, coal or other impurity oil as fuel. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt different post-treatment methods for needle felt filter materials such as aramid to meet different application requirements. In particular, if high sulfur heavy oil and impurity oil are used as the fuel for asphalt mixing, or the water content of its raw materials is high, the dust burned by the asphalt mixing equipment will be viscous, and the flue gas composition will be acidic. Therefore, the use of acid, oil and water resistant aramid, needle felt and other filter materials can greatly improve the wear resistance, high wear resistance, acid and alkaline resistance, hydrolytic resistance and dimensional stability of needle felt filter materials, and improve the ash removal performance, dust removal efficiency and service life of filter bags. Selection of dust bag of bag type dust collector on the top of asphalt mixing plant: 1. It is required that the fiber diameter of the dust removal bag is fine, the filter cloth is dense, and the pores of the filter cloth must be appropriate to prevent fine dust from entering the filter cloth. Spray special treatment powder on the surface of the dust removal bag to form a very thin filter cake on the surface, making the porosity contrast even and fine; The surface of the filter cloth shall be treated with special technologies such as calendering or sintering to make the porosity contrast uniform and fine. 2. When selecting dust removal bags, you should refer to relevant materials or consult professional manufacturers and technicians, and comprehensively consider the price, service life and physical properties of the materials to be treated. Especially when buying a dust collector, we should not only consider the price, but also its configuration and materials. 3. For various chemicals with low melting point and high adhesion, woven fiber dust removal bags are selected. Mektas bag filter is the choice of dust collector in asphalt mixing plant. The filter material (bag) of the bag filter on the top of the asphalt mixing plant will be damaged and leaked due to various reasons, or "paste bag", which must be replaced during maintenance. At this time, people are thinking about which filter material to choose. Of course, the simplest way to deal with this problem is to follow the provisions and requirements of the asphalt mixture mixer operation manual or maintenance manual. But the results are often unsatisfactory, or not applicable, or the cost is too high.

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