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When should I change my bag filter?

Time : 2023-06-26 Hits : 3

After the filter has been used for a period of time, the problem to be faced is to replace the filter bag, but how long is the interval between changing the filter bag? When is it better to replace it? Many people do not know this part of the work very well, resulting in the failure to replace the filter bag when necessary, resulting in low filtration efficiency, poor filtration effect, and even damage to the filter. The filter bag manufacturer will share with you some methods to distinguish the filter bag replacement time. In fact, you can start from these aspects to see if you really need to replace the filter bag.

1. Understand the data provided by the filter bag itself.

When determining whether to replace the filter bag, you can start from the data of the filter bag itself. Generally speaking, when purchasing a filter bag, the person who sells the filter bag will explain how long the service life of the filter bag will take, so after using it for a period of time, I feel that the service time is close to the time of replacing the filter bag, and I can see whether the filter bag needs to be replaced.

2. It should be understood in combination with the working environment of the filter bag.

The working environment of the filter bag will also affect the replacement time of the filter bag to a certain extent. If the working environment is bad and the working load of the filter bag is high, the filter bag will need to be replaced in a shorter time. Generally speaking, the filter bag is consumed quickly due to the high impurities in the filter medium or the influence of the working environment temperature. Observe the condition of the filter bag at any time to see if the filter bag needs to be replaced.

3. Observe the filtering condition of the filter bag at any time.

In the process of work, if there are too many external factors, such as the factors of filter media or the factors of working environment, which cause the filter bag replacement time to be unable to be accurately controlled, then it is necessary to observe the filtering situation at any time. For example, whether the filtration efficiency has been maintained within the standard level, or whether the cleanliness of the filtered filter media has reached the standard. If the degree has decreased, it is necessary to check the condition of the filter bag in time.

When understanding whether the filter bag needs to be replaced, it is necessary to combine the actual situation of the filter bag and the value given by the filter bag manufacturer, make a reasonable judgment, and replace the filter bag at the appropriate time. Otherwise, premature replacement will lead to increased production costs, while later replacement can affect the filtration efficiency and filtration cleanliness.

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