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When will the filter bag be replaced?

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 2

The filter bag has excellent chemical function stability and heat resistance. It is the representative of higher functions applied in the filter material industry. It is also the type with higher functions in all commonly used filter materials. It has reached a high level in terms of filtering power and filtering precision. Common filter materials include PE, PP, PTFE, PMIA, NMO, etc. When to replace the filter bag: 1) Thoroughly determine the replacement time according to experience. 2) The inlet and outlet pipes of the bag filter are equipped with pressure gauges. The time of replacing the filter bag is determined by the pressure difference displayed on the front and rear pressure gauges. Generally, the pressure difference that the filter bag can withstand is about 0.5~1kg/cm. When the pressure difference reaches this range, the filter bag should be replaced in time to avoid the rupture of the filter bag and affect the filtering effect. Don't lose money for small. 2. step by step filtration The series connection device of the bag filter can complete the step-by-step filtration. If the device is installed at the front end of the filter used for high-precision filtration, the cost can be greatly reduced. It can also combine sand filtration and other filtration methods with filter bag filtration, and then further improve the filtration quality and reduce the cost of filter bag. Combining the self-cleaning machine, centrifugal filter and bag filter, we can use them alone or in series with other filter principles to achieve ideal results. 3. how to complete uninterrupted filtering? The parallel device of bag filter can ensure the continuity of filtration or increase the flow. When to replace the filter bag 1. Differential pressure indication: it is proposed to replace the filter bag when the differential pressure exceeds 0.10MPa (15psi). If the pressure difference is continuously exceeded, it will not only reduce the accumulation flow of pollutants, but also increase the risk of filter bag cracking. The allowable large differential pressure is 0.23mpa (35psi). 2. Remove the old filter bag: the pressure is too high during the system operation, and the filter bag may be embedded in the porous net basket, so it is difficult to remove the filter bag. When this happens, do not pull the filter bag, otherwise the weld line will be torn or the sealing ring will be pulled off. Safely remove the filter bag, quickly shake the basket and peel the filter bag from the basket with a stick, and slowly take out the old filter bag.

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