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where are industrail air filters used?

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In order to improve environmental protection in industry, air filters are also used in many factories.

What is the industrial air filter used for?

At the production site, there are many water vapor and oil droplets in the compressed air from the gas source, and there are also many solid impurities such as rust, sand, pipe sealant, etc. These impurities will damage the piston sealing ring, but also block the exhaust hole on the part, affecting the service life of the part, and in serious cases, failure will occur.

Therefore, the presence of the on-site air filter can separate the liquid water and liquid oil droplets in the compressed air, and can also remove the dust and solid magazine in the air, but it cannot control the water and oil in the gas, and other measures need to be taken to control it.

Its working principle is that compressed air flows into the deflector from the inlet. Due to the uniform distribution of helical teeth similar to the fan blades, the high-speed flow of compressed air has to rotate in the tangential direction. Under the action of this centrifugal force, the liquid water and oil mixed in the air and larger impurities are separated.

Smooth control of liquid water, oil and compressed air with large impurities, filter through the filter element again, filter tiny solid particles, and output clean compressed air from the outlet.

Application of workshop air filter:

This equipment is now widely used in medicine and health, environmental protection, electronic technology, biological products, nuclear industry, electromechanical equipment, food and beverage and other fields. In fact, the on-site air filter is used at the production site as shown in its name. The use of this filter not only reduces air pollution, but also improves the air quality of the working environment of workers. Therefore, many industrial manufacturers use this equipment. Of course, before use, everyone should also make reasonable and effective choices to ensure the final use effect, play their role in their own use, and realize their own value.

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