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Where can the origami filter element be used? How should I maintain it?

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 2

Although the origami filter element looks inconspicuous, it has been quietly making contributions behind the filter. Do you know that it is from a big family! It has many brothers and sisters! What industries do they work in? Let's understand its scope of use and maintenance related knowledge through this article. Look quickly! Application scope of origami filter element

1. Petrochemical Industry: used for separation and recovery of products and intermediate products in oil field water injection wells, natural gas particle removal and oil refining production.

2. Electronic and pharmaceutical manufacturing: used for pretreatment and filtration of glucose and cleaning solution, treatment and filtration of reverse osmosis water and deionized water.

3. Textile industry: it can be used for water oil separation of compressed gas, and can purify and evenly filter the polyester melt in the drawing state.

4. Mechanical processing: it is used for the manufacture of paper-making equipment, mining machinery, large-scale precision machinery, the filtration of mechanical compressed air and lubricating oil, and the dust recovery during the manufacture of the tobacco industry.

5. Power industry: the lubrication system and speed control system installed in boilers, steam turbines and other equipment are used for the purification of feed water pumps, fans and dust removal systems, and the purification of bypass control system oil.

6. Metallurgical Industry: it is mainly used to filter the lubrication equipment of the hydraulic system of steel rolling mill and continuous caster, and it is used in the filtration link of these equipment.

7. Internal combustion engine system: in this link, it is mainly used to filter oil products such as engine oil and lubricating oil, so that the oil products can have a better state.

8. Engine and construction machinery: used for construction machinery, ships and trucks to effectively filter oil and water of various hydraulic oils.

Maintenance method of origami filter element

1. Origami filter element is the core part of the filter. The filter element is made of special "paper". It is a vulnerable part and needs special protection and maintenance.

2. When the filter in the system works for a period of time, the filter element in the filter has intercepted a certain amount of polluted impurities.

3. When the pressure increases, the flow will gradually decrease, and the transmitter will remind the alarm. At this time, it is necessary to clean the impurities in the filter element in time and clean the filter element.

4. In the process of cleaning the filter element, we must pay attention that the filter element must not be deformed or damaged. Otherwise, the filter element should be replaced with a new one to avoid damage to the whole system. Origami filter element is a large family, which is applicable to many enterprises in the electronic and chemical industry, mechanical processing, textile industry, power industry, etc. with the work of the filter element, the filter element will also be polluted. Some filter elements can be cleaned, and some cannot be cleaned. It should be operated according to the requirements, and the filter element should not be "injured".

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