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Why does the filter bag cause the filtrate to become dirty?

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 9

Filter bags can be divided into several types during application. The nylon single wire mesh filter bag is mainly made of high-quality nylon single wire mesh in the production process. The strength of each wire will be increased by welding, blending and other methods. In addition to its filter bag, the filter fluid of the bag filter is also an important component. In the process of using the bag filter, if the filtrate is found to be dirty, please do not hesitate, there must be a problem. So what happens to the filter bag that will cause the filtrate to become dirty? 1. The filter bag is retracted between the filter plates. If the filter bag is to work normally in the application process, the two sides of the filter bag need to be relatively independent space, which requires the strong cooperation of the filter plate. The edge of the filter bag is pressed against the edge of the filter plate, and the filter bag is often larger than the filter plate. The bag filter expands the filter chamber, resulting in / kloc-0. 2. Interruption of filter bag Filter bags are made of fiber, like the same cloth, so the softness and ductility of filter bags are high. Because of this, the filter bag will be easily damaged during the application of the bag filter, especially on the filtered materials. When the filter bag is broken down, the operation time will pass through the filter bag, so the filtration will not have too much effect. 3. The mesh number of the filter bag is too small The mesh number is an important parameter of the filter bag, and the defecation of the parameter indicates the number of filter holes of the filter bag. The smaller the mesh number, the larger the filter hole of the bag filter, and the smaller the filter hole of the filter bag. Therefore, in the process of filtering materials, a small number of filter bags will cause many solids to pass through the filter bags of normal methods. The above content is about the reasons for causing the filtrate to become dirty. I hope it can give you some help.

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