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Why should the high temperature resistant dust bag be covered with film?

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

The singeing treatment of the outer cover of the hot bag dust collector needs to be stopped. The singeing is moderate and light, and there is fiber exposure. The outer cover film of the high-temperature bag dust collector has a good hiding effect. Too high temperature will make the bag filter too large and make the appearance of high temperature resistant dust bag not smooth. After burning, it also needs to be relieved. The outer layer has no fiber particles and is resistant to high temperature.

The same manufacturer needs to be equipped with PPS high temperature resistant bags with fiber composition and PPS high temperature resistant bags with the same batch of PPS high temperature resistant bags need to be equipped with bags with different melting points. It will seriously affect the intensity of the whole fusion and separation process.

In terms of crack resistance, elongation and heat shrinkage, high temperature bag filter has unified performance. For uniform elongation of membrane, the crack shall be large enough and uniform. The elongation and thermal shrinkage are small, so that the filter cloth will not deform under elongation and high temperature. The purchased high-temperature bag filter is produced by the same manufacturer, and the same batch of high-temperature bag filter is produced by the same manufacturer.

Thicker and higher filter cloth can resist high-temperature dust removal - only the high-temperature dust removal bag with four corner filter cloth can hide the membrane when directly hiding the membrane, and this film will shorten the time of hiding the membrane with filter cloth for future use. The main factors affecting the uniformity of the filter cloth of high-temperature dust removal bag by different guarantee methods are the laying and needling of the net.

In the production and processing process of dust remover bag, there should be strict production technology. The technologist should make the production technology first, change the type, do the process test first, and then make a reasonable production process design, and carry out product tracking after production. For changing the standard, we should also do the process test first, and the batch production can be carried out only after the test is qualified.

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