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Why should we measure the pattern holes when choosing cloth bags?

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 4

Why do we often tell customers that if we need to purchase cloth bags, we must either have samples or measure the size of the dust remover pattern hole?

That's because if we send samples, we will disassemble the stitches at that time, and calculate the caliber of the dedusting bag according to the width of the bag after tiling, the inner diameter and the outer diameter of the expansion ring. If there is no sample, the customer must use a caliper to measure the size of the dedusting plate hole, because the diameter of the centerline measured with the caliper is more accurate than the ruler or tape.

If the diameter of the dedusting bag is not measured accurately, select a larger one, and it will not fit in when the time comes. The framework is too small to fit in, and it will not stick on the pattern board. Only when the dust bag is stuck on the pattern hole and cannot be rotated and shaken, can the treatment effect of the dust bag be better played, and the damage of the bag be reduced, so as to maintain a longer service life.

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